Life is an adventure, not a package tour


My Story 

Entrepreneur-at-large  |  Adventurer | Traveller

I am all of these, yet none of these. Always seeking new people, new places, new adventures. Just how do you capture the essence of a man in a few words?

A New Zealander who has called Australia, Thailand, Portugal and Bali home, An avid traveller with restless feet. An adventurer and outdoorsman who has long ocean waves and white water running through my veins.

A major infrastructure project manager, power station designer, financial modeller, and digital nomad. A sometimes mountain biker. An occasional hiker. An entrepreneur.

Welcome to my site.

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Adventure Mindset™

The Adventure Mindset is my personal philosophy to achieving great things while having a wild ride. As adventurers, you will learn more in two years of taking risks than you will in five years at a normal job.

“Achieve greater reward you will, when you lighten your load and take more risk. Hard, it is”
— Yoda’s good friend, Andrew Venture

Expedition Framework


To achieve massive outcomes, you first need to decide what it is you want. And if you are like me, then committing can be the hardest part. Take action you must - let the Expedition Framework guide you.

Commit - Focus - Prepare - Do - Adapt - Achieve


Adventure Credentials

Outdoor adventure and exploration runs in my blood - I can’t get enough.
I love sharing, so here are a couple of my favourite experiences:

Pedirka Desert 4WD


Ten days between fuel and water on the Simpson Desert. 1,850 kilometres of remote wilderness and camels on the Canning Stock Route. Four months between making a decision and travelling for 20,000km around Australia seriously off the beaten track, while wrangling a full-time career, equipping an expedition grade 4WD, and dealing with major floods ... keep reading

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Whitewater paddling

Three times I have thought kayaking would remove my last breath, but each time fear, adrenaline, urgent action and sheer luck helped me through. After sacrificing kayaks, gear and pride to various river gods, I realised that my perception of risk was lower than the real risk involved in the more challenging rivers, and I re-assessed how long I really wanted to live ... keep reading


Mountain biking

450km of spectacular mountain bike trail in Australia’s south-west - equal parts hard work, spectacular views and “how-much-further” questions. We were fully prepared, having completed one 15 km flat bitumen training ride and one six km fully laden test ride. Surely that is enough for nine consecutive days of riding ... keep reading


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