Join a small group of like-minded experienced adventurers and entrepreneurs, and benefit from the group's accumulated knowledge and accountability. If you are starting out on your first adventure, or are an experienced adventurer, a mastermind offers a supportive group to assist you in reaching your goals faster.

Limited availability - capped at six members meeting online twice a month.

The fortnightly mastermind sessions are facilitated by Andrew, an experienced adventurer who wants to see you succeed. The masterminds are structured to give everyone the opportunity to ask questions and seek advice.

Why join a mastermind?

  • A mastermind offers connections
    Becoming part of a mastermind allows for great networking connections, by providing access to a group of like-minded individuals and their leveraged network.

  • A mastermind solves problems
    A key mastermind benefit is the access to a "hive-mind" to offer suggestions and alternatives to your adventure or entrepreneurial roadblock. There is typically someone in the group who has had the same problem as you, and worked out a solution.

  • A mastermind is motivational
    Mastermind members want you to succeed, and will provide support and encouragement.

  • A mastermind builds confidence
    Testing and validating ideas with your peers offers increased confidence in your decision making.

  • A mastermind holds you accountable
    Ideas and support need to be backed by action. A mastermind is action focussed, will hold you accountable to your commitments.

    Spaces are limited and we match you with likeminded individuals - apply now.